Who wants some corn?

There’s no start to a new year without the end of another. So the choice for my first review was simple: ‘New Year’s Eve’. With a cast full of stars I hoped to start this year of with a bang. I’m not sure though if you can call it a bang more than a little pop. But since I wasn’t in a mood for using too much of my brain, I enjoyed it for a cozy night at home. – I watched it a few days ago, my actual NYE was filled with friends, food and drinks 😉

If you liked ‘Love actually’ or ‘Valentine’s day’, you’ll be fond of this one for sure.The movie consists of multiple storylines with one common event: the annual new year’s eve ball drop at Times square in New York.  I did like it more than other comparable films. – Except for ‘Love actually’, ’cause of course nothing beats a movie starring Collin Firth.

The reason I feel like I enjoyed it more was that the plot was able to surprise me. Yes, there was the predictable overflow of romance and happy endings. But unlike similar movies I was only able to predict 2 out of 7 of those endings. Was I just too tired or were the storylines combined in a genius way? Who knows, but it was pleasant to watch a movie thinking it’s just going to be another most corny, predictable one and then having to admit you were mistaken. Mistaken about the ‘predictable’ part, because don’t get me wrong the movie is more corny than the states of Iowa and Illinois combined. But with the condition the world is in lately, who doesn’t like to spend 113 minutes knowing for a fact that everything is going to be fine in the end.

If you’re in the mood for a good-quality movie with some more depth to it than the puddle in your backyard however, I wouldn’t bother about this one too much. Like I said, it’s a nice ‘I’m tired but not ready for bed’ kind of film, but not much more than that. Too bad actually since it was starring some promising actors and actresses. Robert De Niro usually never let’s me down and Katherine Heigl always has me laughing out loud. But this time they just weren’t enough to compensate the shortage of real content. But I guess that’s always kind of the problem with this kind of movies: creating and balancing the content of  multiple – too many? – storylines. Sometimes ‘less is more’ isn’t just something you say to sound interesting. Take out 2 storylines and it gives you – roughly calculated – 3 minutes extra for every remaining one to add some depth.

So with al this in mind, was it worth my time? I did relax and get to see Josh Duhamel in a tux, so I guess it was. Will I watch it again? Maybe, if someone else puts it on. Will you like it? No idea. Let me know in the comments. You’re also welcome to put in a request or fix my spelling/ grammar.

See you tomorrow!


Rating: 6,5/10

IMDB: 5,7/10

Next: The Heat


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