Bring The Heat

Wow… I’ve already seen ‘The Heat’ a few times now, but when my brother wanted to relax and watch a movie on New Year’s Day, I didn’t expect for it to still have me laughing out loud like a hyena gone crazy. At first sight it seems like your typical Hollywood blockbuster with all its necessary explosions and overdose of guns, scarcely dressed women and men in uniforms. But oh boy, when Melissa Mc Carthy opens her mouth it’s all brought back to nothing.

‘Doing comedy is hard’, that’s what my teacher always tells us. After having to witness some of my classmates trying it out, I can only agree. And so does my growing respect for people like Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Of course we can’t forget film is realized by a giant crew, but I mean, who doesn’t agree that these 2 ladies are a part of the Royal Family amongst comedians. I still remember vividly how, when I saw this movie for the first time in at a local cinema with some friends, I even missed some parts because I was just laughing too hard. Even if I would’ve been able to focus despite my stomach hurting, I still couldn’t see with tears of laughter covering my view.

It’s just such clever humor. I rarely see such good parodies, ’cause I feel like that’s what this is. ‘The Heat’ is full of mockery towards those overdone blockbuster cop-pics. Not only is there hilarious slapstick and witty dialogues to enjoy, it’s even in the small details like body language. Now, I do have to admit, although I loved it, my friends who were joining me weren’t laughing all that hard. They did like it, but I was the only one who couldn’t sit up straight from laughing. So some nuance might be in order. I’m just such a fan of McCarthy and her shameless way of acting. She’s just one of those rare confident actresses who gives herself entirely and therefore sometimes loses any spark of elegance. I can only watch in awe. – And I might have already been in a happy place at the moment.

Now, of course a film is not only based on characters, there’s usually an actual story being told. And of course, if you’re looking for an intriguing, movie with some depth, you should probably not even bother about this one. But since this is some kind of parodie, I feel like it’s actually quite consistent to also have the typical cliché ‘We need to catch the big drug lord, but wait, is there a mole in our team?’-scenario. Because don’t worry, for me the good sense of humor makes up for it big time.

It’s hard for me to find a lot of negative aspects about ‘The Heat’, ’cause everything that seems to be a bit flimsy at first just adds to the parodie for me. But if I would have to think of something missing, than one thing does come to mind. An extra good-looking guy is never too much. 😉 – Please don’t think I’m really that superficial, but when has some classy testosterone ever been a burden to the eye?

Back to being serious: briefly I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has a weak spot for straight forward and clever mockery. Just don’t expect complex cinematography and perplexing plots.

What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment or request.



Rating: 8,5/10

IMDB: 6,6/10

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