Recycled comedy

Today’s movie is another one chosen by my brother: ‘Bad moms’. In short: ‘Mean girls’ with a few grades of vulgarity added to it. I have a feeling this will be quite a brief review, since I can actually say everything in one sentence: it’s a relaxing and overall enjoyable movie for a simple night in, but not much more than that. Yes, you can get a laugh out of it. Yes , it’s starring a bare-chested Jay Hernandez. Yes, it’s a movie about women – and moms in particular – empowerment. But no, it’s just not a really great pic.

Why is it not as good as hoped? One of the biggest reasons is probably the complexity of the storyline or even better, the complete absence of it. Not that I expected a real puzzle to unfold, but you know, a movie should at least have one moment where you think ‘Oh wow, I didn’t see that one coming’. I can not remember one single second where I was even a tiny bit confused or guessing at the plot. The filmmakers tried to make a powerful feminine movie. But because of a weak and superficial storyline, I think they completely missed the bus on this one.

Sure comedies don’t always need to have a lot of complexity to it. My earlier review on ‘The Heat’ is a perfect example. But if that’s the  case you need it to be so damn funny people laugh that hard, they regret not wearing a diaper. Don’t get me wrong, I did have a good laugh. Was it absolutely hilarious? No. I actually felt like it was filled with efforts to witty humor. But since it seemed like I’ve seen a lot of the jokes and punch lines before in other movies, that intention failed a little to me. I know comedy is ‘recyclable’, but not when it’s used to fill almost an entire film. It needs some authenticity to it, to make it unique and stand out or at least some better camouflage. But if you’re wondering why it still had me laughing: the jokes might not be original, but come on, they’re still freaking funny. – And mothers losing it are always a joy to watch.

The editing  is nice though. It’s really refreshing and has an unrealistic and almost music video-like feeling to it at some points. The supermarket scene is a great example of this editing style going hand in hand with the sometimes surreal moments in the story. The only thing however is that enough is enough. If you find something that works nicely, don’t exploit it. You’ll ruin it. I feel like that’s what happened here. At certain moments it was just too much.

I guess I can conclude with saying I don’t regret watching ‘Bad Moms’. But Mila Kunis and her squad should probably not think of making a sequel – or any other ‘bad’ movie for that matter. 😉

Have you seen the movie? Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

See you tomorrow!


Rating: 6/10

IMDB: 6,2/10

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