Phobia through a screen

What?! Did someone actually walk on a wire between the twin towers. Wow, I wasn’t even born yet when it happened, but still I feel like a baby for not even knowing. I knew about the man climbing buildings, but I’ve never heard of this one. Philippe Petit is his name. However, maybe it’s good thing I wasn’t on this earth yet, because I would’ve probably wet my pants even looking at him. Damn you, acrophobia.

I love movies based on true-stories. They hardly ever disappoint me. My guess is that if a story is worth filming, the movie is always gonna be interesting to some degree. Of course there’s many other factors to decide between interesting, good and great. But since for me the plot is the most important, you must have some real shitty film crew to mess up an authentic story. Luckily this didn’t happen in ‘The Walk’. I would probably categorize it right in between interesting and good. In the ‘It didn’t really stick to me, but I can’t really say what’s actually wrong with it either.’-category.

Something’s really weird about it. I actually really enjoyed the movie. But at the same time I don’t feel like it was actually really that good either. Is it the acting? Not that it was bad, but should they’ve gone for a less-known actor?  It just seemed so weird to see Joseph Gordon-levitt with a french accent and it actually bothered me a few times. – What didn’t bother me at all though were his beautiful blue eyes and cheeky smile 😉 – Or was there just too much talking? The movie is basically almost one long monologue.

What I do know is that it can’t be the cinematography and visual effects, ’cause wow, they deserve an applause. It’s just beautifully done. Right from the start we get to see clean, well-framed shots. But then, the scenes on the twin towers. It’s just amazing how far visual effects have gotten. Nothing about these scenes seemed computerized to me and still you know almost everything is. It’s just a joy to watch. I mean, as an SFX-artist it can only do you proud to know that you’ve done so well, my fear of height came through the screen, grabbed my throat and pulled me right in. I had to remember myself constantly to breath and even paused the movie so I could calm down. Now, it’s probably not that bad for everyone. – I do have a bad case of acrophobia. – But still, it’s so well done,  you just can’t sit without at least having a change in breathing rhythm.

Lastly there’s one thing about this film that I don’t really understand. It’s something small but it’s got me wondering. Overall I really like the editing. It’s fresh and makes it pleasant to watch. Even in the beginning when you have the black and white slowly turning into colors, it’s really enjoyable. Only I don’t understand why. Why the monochrome film at the beginning? I kind of feel stupid, ’cause it’s probably something really obvious, but I just can’t figure it out.

Again, this won’t be a movie I’ll watch over and over again. But I do have a rather positive feeling about it and I’d recommend it to anyone. Today’s review is a little short. – I don’t have a lot of time today. – But that didn’t make it any easier at all. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

See you later!


Rating: 7,5/10

IMDB: 7,4/10

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