My first negative review

My first thought after seeing ‘Central Intelligence’ is ‘irritating’. There’s just so much overacting. But with such a plot it’s probably not that hard to go over the top. I must admit I did laugh a little sometimes, like 5 times maybe or 6 in a 116 minutes long comedy… But then again, I should have known. I’ve never liked a movie with Dwayne Johnson before, so people who do like him might rate this movie a little higher. The thing is though, I watched this in group, so I was kind of taken hostage into seeing it.

So, let’s start with the ‘irritating’. Kevin Hart is a funny guy and does a perfect job as the black guy who starts talking fast, loud and with pitches so high even a bat can hear him. But when he does it over and over and over and over in every scene it’s just too much. It almost got to a point where I started wondering if  I shouldn’t be wearing earplugs to protect my hearing. And when it comes to ‘The Rock’, as said above, I’m not a real fan of his work which only confirmed again by watching this film. It probably goes hand in hand with the bad script, but still, why is he always playing a tall dummy? And why is he still not good at it? There’s so much potential to bring more layers of depth in the character he’s playing. Which would add tons of quality to the movie. But no, it wasn’t meant to be I guess.

Next, the plot. Let’s just say not that great. Like I said once before: if you’re movie is more predictable than knowing rain feels wet, it has to be really damn funny. Like, the opposite of my jokes and then even funnier in the case of this film. ‘Cause really, a predictable plot and a not so funny comedy is just boring and meant to fail. If they would’ve made everything a little more subtle and I mean everything, from dialogue to body language. It would’ve made such a difference. They did actually have some nice small plot twists. But then again even those were ruined, because they just did them too often. The thing where Dwayne Johnson’s character kept appearing out of nowhere for example. Enough is enough. There were a few times though when it was actually funny, but I don’t want to spoil so I won’t say exactly when. And once it had me nearly crapping my pants. I mean, when he was behind that office door, I probably jumped a meter high or more.

So, in short, It’s just too bad the movie turned out like this. ‘Cause it does have potential and the beginning scenes of the movie were actually really promising, but it only when downwards from there and unfortunately unlike in the plane scene, doesn’t go back up. – That plane scene is another example by the way of something with great potential ruined by overacting. I do want to say though that it’s easy for me to comment on performances sitting in a sofa with my feet up. So I do want to say I have a lot of respect for actors and what they do. ‘Cause if there’s one fact that’s true in this world, it’s that an apple could do better than me.

Let’s ask the questions. Would I watch it again? Nope. Would I recommend it? Only to huge Dwayne Johnson groupies. Thanks for visiting my blog and see you soon!



Rating: 5,5/10

IMDB: 6,4/10

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