CGI… say what?

As a kid I used to love Disney-movies, so it’s no surprise that I’m so happy with all of the live-action remakes lately. There’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ coming soon and not long ago I watched ‘The legend of Tarzan’, which is more off a sequel though. Anyhow, I’m really enjoying all the youth sentiment. Two days ago however, I watched the remake of a Disney-classic I don’t remember ever watching as a child: ‘The Jungle Book’. I can already imagine some of the shocked faces right now, since I know it’s the favorite of some of my friends. So multiply their percentage with the world population and I’ve got an army thinking I’m crazy. This all makes it even harder to admit that although it’s a nice movie, it’s a classic I’ll probably not watch again either. I just miss the ‘Disney’-romance you get in ‘Tarzan’, ‘The Lion King’ and so many more. It’s probably personal though. – But then again, this blog has got its name for a reason 😉

Besides my personal cravings though, it is actually a solid plot. I’m guessing they didn’t change a lot from the animated version. Or am I wrong?  If it’s really appropriate for children in this version is questionable.  It’s as if they wanted to make a decent action-movie for the kids who grew up with the stories of the man-cub in the jungle, but who are now adults who can take some violence. But then at the same time I feel like they still hold back a little and still try to keep it a children movie. I would’ve preferred if they’d just chosen to make it a full on PG- or, heck why not, even an R-rated movie both in action as dialogue.

The dialogue does actually bother me multiple times in the movie. And it goes hand in hand with Neel Sethi’s acting. I’m not sure if Sethi’s acting is making the dialogue seem forced or if it’s the way the dialogue is written that keeps the boy from putting down a good performance. Whatever it is, I was a little disappointed at some points. ‘Cause if there’s one thing I always look forward to with these kind of movies, it’s that they usually find these great unknown, seemingly coming out of nowhere, child actors who put down the performance of a lifetime.  I’m not saying he did a bad job. Not at all, but the acting just wasn’t really credible all of the time. He is really cute though and actually pretty good in the scenes where he doesn’t have the long dialogues.

Most of the voices used, were perfectly casted to me. I loved Bill Murray as Baloo and Idris Elba as Shere Khan. I must admit, I was a bit thrown off with Christopher Walken as King Louie at first. But it actually turned out just fine.

But then, when it comes to CGI. – I’ve learned a new term and I’m pretty proud, so prepare for hearing it a lot in my reviews 😀 – What a great job! You know what? Stay right here and I’ll go  check. I bet they won a ton of awards for it.

13 nominations, of which they won 6! And these are just for Visual effects. I mean, do I need to say anything more? All I can do is applaud. ‘Cause for the effort these guys put in it alone, everyone should see this film.

Oh, I also bumped into this and thought it was quite funny:


In short: It’s a nice movie, but I did expect a bit more. The CGI – ;p – alone makes it all worth seeing though. So, even though I’ll probably not watch it again anytime soon, I do recommend it to everyone who loves fantasy-films.

Feel free to comment or play grammar-nazi.

See you tomorrow!

Rating: 7,5/10

IMDB: 7,6/10

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