Superhero romance

Oh man, how do I love Marvel studio’s. I actually feel obliged as a woman – and especially on this blog – to almost advertise their product, since I’m pretty sure more than three-quarters of the female population has never heard of them. The reason being? Women are just not as attracted to superhero movies as men are. But let me tell you, I’m about to change these ladies’ world. ‘Cause yes, Marvel films do have violent, typical ‘good guy bad guy’-scripts, but they are also really damn funny and strikingly romantic. – Who doesn’t love a bit of Robert Downey Jr. on a late night. – Take ‘Deadpool’ for example, It’s the perfect paragon of what Marvel is about. – Nothing beats Iron man though 😉

Like I said before in probably every comedy-review I’ve done so far, if your plot is more predictable than ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ … your humor better have me rolling on the floor with laughter. But then again, everyone who’s read some of Ryan Reynolds tweets, knows a comedy starring him can never do you wrong. And indeed, after seeing ‘Deadpool’ I can only confirm he’s the perfect man for the job, being every woman’s dreamman and every man’s favorite ‘bro’ in the role of Deadpool. Right from the start with the opening credits you know you’re gonna get 108 minutes of pure entertainment. The movie didn’t have me laughing as hard as ‘The Heat’ last week though, but it’s still pretty funny and so clever, which makes it a joy to watch. How they did it is pretty easy. They took a fantasy theme and made the main character an average guy who doesn’t believe in the romantic images of superheroes and certainly doesn’t want to be one. It makes for hilarious honest dialogue.

The dialogue actually deserves a paragraph for itself. Not only does it contain most of the humor of the entire film. It’s so witty it makes entirely up for the – let’s be honest – simple story of the movie. Especially the monologues when Deadpool is talking to the viewers  add value.

The entire way of telling the story for that matter is so satisfying. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle put together in front of you. And I’ve loved puzzling since I was in kindergarten. – According to my parents that’s all I did really. – You’ve got the monologues and the flashbacks all coming together in one action scene somewhere halfway in the storyline. In the same scene you also get to see the image, which was used for the credits, being formed step by step. The credits who at their turn use that image to summarize what the movie is about. I mean, wow, it’s every puzzler’s wet dream right there! – Good thing us women don’t really have those. It would be quite embarrassing to have them about jigsaw-puzzling, unless Ryan Reynolds would be the one handing the pieces of course 😉

As to the casting, I think they did a good job. Besides Reynolds the other actors where really fitting for their characters as well. It was a little weird though to see Morena Baccarat in the role of a hooker after watching her in ‘Homeland’ for 3 years. But I actually got over it really quick and as her character got more depth, she actually fitted perfectly as Vanessa.

So, I would certainly recommend it to anyone. And to all the women who usually hate superhero movies: let ‘Deadpool’ be the first one to win you over and at least have you say: “Okay, maybe this one isn’t so bad.” – Although ‘Iron Man’ might be even better for this 😉 But don’t worry I’ll write a review about that one soon. That way you can choose yourself.

But for now I feel like the time has finally come for me to go there…


To go there where I can do this blog’s name justice…

Tomorrow I’ll take you to the pink side… the Romcom side… The Bridget Jones side 😀

See you then!


Rating: 8/10

IMDB: 8,1/10

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  1. atthematinee says:

    Great post. Have you shared your writing on any film sites before?



    1. Hey, Thanks! This is my first experience with actual blogging and more specifically reviewing. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. atthematinee says:

        That’s great! Well if you have any interest, let me know if you would like to share some of your writing on Moviepilot. I’d love to help with that!


      2. Sounds interesting! I have an extremely busy weekend coming up, but I’ll look into it as soon as possible.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. atthematinee says:

        Awesome, speak soon!


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