How romantic can a kitchen be?

‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’: the movie that made me fall in love with Colin Firth and his character, Mark Darcy. I only found out recently that this film is actually a modern version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’. I think I watched the entire mini-series in 2 days after that. But besides the world’s most favorite sideburns, there’s a lot more that makes this pic one of the best romcom’s I know. I really cannot believe there’s not more people agreeing with me according to IMDB. – They must be rating it low so they don’t have to share Colin Firth with anyone. 😉 –  For me this will even be more of an eulogy than a review really. Beause franckly, that’s what it deserves. Anyway what woman in the world still needs a review about Bridget Jones’ Diary? ‘Cause shame on you of you haven’t already seen it at least three times.

One of the things that’s so special is that I’ve seen it a lot of times already and still discover new things every time. Wether it’s in music, dialogue, props or other things, everything is done for a reason and adds to the story. The soundtrack for example is so perfect for every situation and makes them stronger. Sometimes movies drown in a sauce of music trying to add emotion, but actually ruining the whole scene. I think everyone will agree that in this case Aretha Franklin for example makes a great side chick for Bridget. I believe the only way to create a movie in which everything completes each other is to have a clear vision about what the final product should be. And that’s what happened here. Every department from writing to directing, to editing, they all shared the same idea. I guess it proves that making a good flick is a team effort.

The biggest reason this film works so well though is probably that it’s giving us an image that’s relatable in so many ways. We get to see an average single woman struggling in her attempts to turn her unhealthy daily routine into the perfect lifestyle WITH boyfriend. Haven’t we all fantasized about that at some point in our life. I know I have – and still am for that matter. – Most importantly though is that this woman that they’re depicting knows she’s not perfect and doesn’t lie to herself about it. It’s almost like a breath of fresh air in a world where everyone tries they’re best to be perfect and even keep telling themselves that life is fine when it’s not. But you know it really is ok to screw up sometimes and not to have a Barbie doll-body. It makes you stronger to acknowledge and accept all this. It sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. That’s also how you see Bridget Jones’s character evolving in this movie.

The fact that the film is hilarious actually goes hand in hand with what I wrote above. Because why do I laugh hysterically at every embarrassing situation Bridget get’s herself into? It’s pretty simple really. I just imagine myself going through the same and ‘boom’ you’ve got the neighbors knocking on the door wondering if I’m ok. Movies like these always make me feel like an idiot for actually laughing out loud all by myself in my room. I mean, we could probably do a contest on who’s the worst public speaker, which, ok, she would probably win. But on the inside it would probably at least be a tie. I can really relate to almost everything she feels. Even though the situations aren’t always that realistic, her feelings are so very believable.

It’s not hard to accomplish such thing though if you’ve got someone like Renée Zellweger for the role. She is such a good comedy-actress. She will completely transform into her character and not hold back. In my review about ‘The Heat’ I was talking about how Melissa McCarthy is one of the rare actresses with a shameless way of acting. And I mean this in a good way. Zellweger is also a member of that select club of woman who is willing to give up all elegance. If you ask me, that’s how she made her Bridget Jones legendary. A fun fact about Zellweger by the way is that she’s actually American with a southern accent. But on set during the entire shooting period, she would always talk with a British accent.


I guess that leaves me one thing to brag about: the kitchen disaster. The most romantic scene in movie history. – At least for me it is. Not everyone is in love with Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy I guess. – But oh my god, should I be ashamed to say that I’ve rewinded this part a few times? A few times meaning a lot. I just love everything about it. I’m afraid to review it ’cause people will think I’m one of those ‘belieber’ fangirl-types. So instead I will just force you to watch it yourself and tell me :).

Well, today’s post is already almost twice as long as usual and I’m still thinking of ways to go on praising. But you know, if I exaggerate, then where’s the credibility of this blog. Oh yes, that’s right, in the other posts ;). Anyway, I can’t help but love this film. Let me know if you do too in the comments or feel free to leave requests.

See you later!


Rating: 9/10

IMDB: 6,7/10

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