Your most perfectly imperfect badboy

Do you know what a Balbo is? No, it’s not some kind of African tree or monkey. It’s actually a type of beard. The type I usually find absolutely horrendous, but somehow love on Robert Downey Jr’s face as Tony Stark. I know, 2 Marvel-movies in 3 days on a blog for women – or, not to discriminate, men who have an overload of oestrogen when watching films -, it sounds a bit much. But you know, I had a 2-hour train ride today and this was the only pic I had with me. So who wouldn’t press play? But then again. Who wouldn’t, even if you did have a choice? It’s like I said on Tuesday: Marvel makes superhero movies so accessible for women, they’ll have every boyfriend speechless when they ask them on a date to watch the new ‘Avengers’. For now however, let’s stick with my all-time Marvel-favorite: the ‘Iron man’-series. 

Every woman who loves a bit of romance, will understand me if I say that besides having a celebrity-, or worse, a movie character-crush, there’s also the possibility to fall in love with an onscreen couple. It’s called shipping a relationship. I’m pretty sure you’ll understand the feeling after seeing the first scene of Piper and Tony together. Don’t worry though, I don’t go as far as the fase in which you give them a couples-nickname. What would you even call them? Toper? Penny? Pepper man? – Worst joke ever. I know. – But to get back to the point: what an amazing couple. There’s such chemistry between the 2 off them. You have Tony being your typical bad boy in a playful way though, but still not being able to hide his real feelings entirely. And then there’s Piper who is able to stand ground against the tornado of witty and bossy comments coming out of Tony’s mouth and even challenges him in some way. But she in her turn also clearly cares deeply about him and doesn’t try too hard to hide it. It creates a situation in which it’s not a matter of ‘will they get together?’, but a matter of ‘when’ and ‘how’. And believe me, knowing it will happen doesn’t make it boring. On the contrary the tension only builds up and you just feel it’s going to be so damn romantic when it does happen.

Again this is quite the simple good guy/ bad guy-plot, but still it works. In ‘Iron Man’ you also have the humor, although not as much as in ‘Deadpool’, but I believe the strength of this film lies in another aspect. I think here it’s all about how well the character and evolution of Tony Stark is elaborated. The plot is not about who will win really. To me it’s about how Tony evolves towards the end. Pepper Pott’s character by the way, is also worked out brilliantly. Not only the way she handles her boss, but also the way she can be a shark when necessary. – I absolutely loved the ‘Taking out the trash’-comment in one of the first scenes.

Another reason that makes me love this film, is just some personal guilty pleasure I guess. But I love when people create things from scratch and how you see the building progress – Hats of to the editor by the way for keeping it so fresh. – It somehow reminds me of the many hours I spent building Lego houses and I’m quite the nostalgic person. So when you take the youth sentiment and add witty ‘Tony Stark’-humor, my heart is all yours.

Talking about my heart. I’ve watched this movie a few times now and for the first time I actually felt it being ripped out of my chest when watching the scene where Tony gets off the plane wounded an walks towards Pepper. There’s just a gazillion sparks. Some of them must’ve even gotten in my eyes, ’cause they nearly got me crying. In my offense though: I was really tired and it’s just way too romantic. Luckily the American cheeseburgers came to save the day. I’m not sure why this is the first time it hits me this bad though ;p.

I actually already had an ending prepared in which I would apologize for a short review. I would’ve said I have a valid reason, since I’m kind of high on meds for sinus infection and almost falling asleep while typing this. But looking at the amount of words this somehow actually even turned out to be one of my longest blogs so far. I guess I can still use the excuse for spelling mistakes though 😉

Please feel free to leave requests of pics I should review. Be sure to watch this movie and see you tomorrow!

PS: This has nothing to do with reviewing, but OH MY GOD it’s snowing in my backyard! For the first time in 5 years it’s not melting. Just wanted to share my excitement.

Rating: 8,5/10

IMDB: 7,9/10

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