Are sequels always bad?

I wasn’t sure if I should to this, but then I imagined that anyone watches a good movie will always soon after that want to see the sequels. Especially when you still have an unresolved romantic tension in the previous one. So yes, I couldn’t help myself and watched ‘Iron Man 2’ right after writing my review on the first one yesterday. Many times – certainly not always – sequels are not a good idea to say the least. It almost seems as if sometimes the only reason they’re still enjoyable is that they’re still running on the fumes of their predecessor’s glory. Luckily with ‘Iron man 2’ this is not the case. I do prefer the first one, but to me the second one is still good enough to be worthy of its own fame.

The biggest reason for this movie to still be good is that again the story is not actually about the quite average superhero-plot when it comes to the bad guy and his intentions. But it continues to, in a very detailed way, elaborate the evolution of Tony Starks character. Maybe even more intensely than in the first film, he is searching for his true inner self. The true character he wants to be. What does throw me off a little in this one is that the bad guys are way too stereotyped. In the first one this was also the case, but it didn’t stand out as much. In this film there’s not only 2 bad guys but they also get a bigger part of the story. Which means more screen time. And so I get the feeling sometimes the stereotyping is just a bit overdone here. At one point I actually wanted to put my fist through the screen and ‘hammer’ his face to get him to shut his mouth for at least a second. He’s worse than your average market vendor selling fish at ‘the best prices’. I mean, Tony Stark’s character also talks a lot, but at least he’s funny. I enjoy hearing what he has to say in contrast to Mr Yap-face.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but it also adds a nice touch to the film that the bond between Tony and Rhodey is being further developed. And then of course also the evolution of Pepper Potts’ character. I absolutely love to see her get more power not only practically, but also through growing self-confidence. It’s so enjoyable to watch a strong woman get in the driving seat and decide which path her relationship with Tony will go. And she surely chose the ‘cute’ road. I mean they’re fighting all the time over things people fight when they’re absolutely crazy about each other. The way they look at each other just makes my heart burst. The fighting also makes it that much more extra romantic though when – SPOILER ALERT, I can’t help it. – in the sequel, yes, they finally give in and give in to their feelings.

Again well done to Directer Jon Favreau and his crew. And again nice editing. Oh, and what I forgot in my previous review, was to praise the CGI-department. One word: wow!

I hope you don’t mind going for the third superhero movie in 4 days. And if you don’t agree with my ratings, I ‘m sorry for disappointing you tomorrow. ‘Cause if you’ve watched 1 and 2, I guess you might as well see the third one right? Don’t worry though, Sunday will be a completely different genre.


PS: The snow I was so excited about yesterday? The rain that’s been coming down all day has flushed it away. And the sinus infection? Still enjoying its cozy home in my head. Oh well, gives me more reason to lay in bed and watch movies 😉

Rating: 7,5/10

IMDB: 7,0/10

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