Last (for now), but not least

Here we go, the last one in its series: ‘Iron Man 3’. Yesterday I was talking about how in some cases, sequels are risky. Sometimes it even seems like, when a second movie does work, producers keep on making successors until one of them turns out to be an absolute failure. I am so happy to announce though that with ‘Iron Man 3’ this is definitely not the case. I think it’s even better than the previous one.

The biggest difference with the other 2 is that this plot is way more elaborated. We still have the important evolution of Stark’s character, but this time it’s evenly balanced with the actual storyline. It actually works really well. This ‘Iron Man’ is the first one though where it’s almost necessary to have seen the rest of the Marvel-series. In the previous ones, there were always small links to  other movies. But this film is actually, besides from being part of the ‘Iron man’-series, also a sequel to ‘The Avengers’. It’s possible to understand this pic without having seen that one, but it adds a lot of value if you have. Actually even for every movie in this Marvel-series, it’s just satisfying to see tiny details from other films coming back. It’s almost like a game of ‘I spy’, really. It’s actually one big jigsaw-puzzle. – And you know how I feel about those 😉 – So, even though sometimes the separate plots are rather simple, the bigger picture is actually really complex, and I absolutely love it.

And of course, again, there’s the necessary romance. I’m so happy the screenwriters didn’t choose the path many sequels have. In which the couple is struggling to keep their relationship standing. In this plot the love is still so much alive, it’s actually an other source that’s literally keeping them apart. I loved every scene of Pepper and Tony together, there’s just such unbelievable chemistry between the 2 of them. They’re now in a phase where there’s no boundaries left when it comes to hiding feelings. It’s so nice to see how Tony’s character has evolved to make him somewhat softer and open. And then you have Piper who still fights him in some way, but at the same she’s what seems to keep him calm. It’s killing me how cute they are.

Again this movie is a true  trophy for the guys from visual effects. And even though Jon Favreau is no longer directing. It’s still very well done. My favorite scene of the movie? The one on the ship. It’s so exciting, clever, romantic and even kind of funny at the same time. “That was really violent”. Haha, another of my foolish laughing out loud moments alone in my room. The absolute best part though: the way Tony begs Pepper to let go. I mean, move over Colin firth. – Just joking. It takes more than that to beat him to the top, but I guess, after seeing these 3 films again, he now officially does have to share his first place with Downey Jr..

So, in short: go watch this film. No, wait… Go watch this series, the entire Marvel-series 😉 But for now, let’s leave it to rest for a little while. Tomorrow will be something completely different. So stick around.

Bye ‘Pepper man’ ;), I’ll miss you (for now)!

Rating: 8,5/10

IMDB: 7,2/10

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