Sweet psycho

‘Infinitely Polar Bear’. How have I never seen this movie before? And worse, how have I never even heard anything about it untill I stumbled upon its trailer yesterday? I was searching for a film under 90 minutes, since I was exhausted from hiking with my dad all day. And suddenly I found this list proclaiming real must-sees. So that’s what I did: I watched one of them and boy, no regrets here. What a great pic! It deserves far more than 1 Golden Globe nomination and just a couple of festival-awards if you ask me.

I’m amazed by how so little ingredients were able to form such a good movie. There’s no mind twisting plot, fancy special-effects department, breathtaking decor and all that stuff. There’s just an outstanding cast and a simple humane storyline that is bound to move every viewer.

This might sound a bit over the top. But if I would’ve seen this on the night of the premiere in attendance of the actors, I would’ve probably tried to get them a standing ovation. The way they manage to bring this family to life is just so spot on. It’s such an intimate and subtle, but yet grant performance of all 4 main characters. You immediately believe they could actually be a family. There’s chemistry all round. I wonder how they found those child actors? I feel like I saw the older girl before and now I’ll definetly remember her after this. But then , the man of the hour: Mark Ruffalo. This is probably one of the best acting roles I’ve ever seen him in. I can only imagine how hard it is to take on the part of a bipolar person in this kind of situation. It would be so easy to be grasped by the claws of overacting. Of course I don’t know enough about this diagnose in terms of how bad it gets. But there are examples out there, like Claire Danes in ‘Homeland’ who seem to overdo it a little. Ruffalo however really achieves to make you comprehend what it must be like for someone who’s bipolar.

Of course the script has helped a lot with this as well. They managed to build everything up real nicely. Instead of making Cam seem like an annoying twat, we start to feel compassion. Even though he starts out as an ignorant drunk chain smoker. It’s the same with the whole family really. Each of them is handed a role which could easily be seen as for example spoiled brats in the girls’s cases. But no, all 4 of them have you actually rooting for them all the way.

But most importantly for this blog: is there any romance? Hell yes!! You wouldn’t expect there to be when your leading character is kind of psychotic, but man, there was even a scene I had to rewind twice ’cause I loved it that much. – Is there anyone else who does this? While I’m still watching a film, sometimes I can’t help but watch some parts over and over until I’m ready to move on… My god, writing this makes it sound even weirder than I already thought it was. :p

Anyways this is really one of the better films I’ve watched so far on this blog. I’ll certainly watch it again in the future and so should you!

Bye for now!

PS: I know I made a really bad and embarrassing mistake yesterday. Don’t know how that happened, but at least I realised it quite fast. So to those of you who saw it: oh well, I guess I’ll need to go see an optician. For those who didn’t: let’s just say my brain wasn’t really paying attention.

Rating: 9/10

IMDB: 7,0/10

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