Too bad

All good things come to an end. I guess that’s also how it works when reviewing. For over a week now I’ve been enjoying a series of rather nice films. But this was abruptly ended by seeing ‘Defendor’ yesterday-night. It’s not that it’s horrible and I see what they tried to do, but they just didn’t quite succeed in making this pic rise to it’s potential. I feel like the intentions were there to create a tragic comedy. But to achieve such thing this movie is missing a very important element: humor. It’s just not funny. If I wouldn’t have had to write this review, I’d probably given up and gone to bed even before it was halfway from finished.

After a few minutes you immediately get the ‘oh boy, this is gonna be another one of those typical guy movies full of guns, girls and boring humor’-feeling. You could ask me why I chose this kind of film to begin with. Well, I didn’t. My friend did and guess what. He’s a guy… I mean, what is the first scene about? Right, hookers and violence. Now, I must admit, it doesn’t stay on that track. After a few scenes you realize it’s more about this one character Arthur and our journey of understanding his mindset. The thing is though, it doesn’t get through that well ’cause our focused is pulled away by too many other things. This could of actually been a sweet and tragic story if the script wasn’t filled with this shitload of stereotypes – Excuse my french. – Tell me, is there anything you can add to a Serbian drugland, an undercover cop, a turned undercover cop, a handful of hookers and a bunch of slow-ass gang members to make this movie any more predictable and sleep-provoking?

The credibility is just beneath zero in this one and it takes away the possibility for me as a viewer to be moved by this character of a clumsy self-proclaimed superhero. Too bad really, ’cause Woody Harrelson didn’t put down a bad performance at all. It’s his acting that made me see the potential of what this film could’ve been.  Its a shame it kind of got wasted on a bad script.

I know it’s quite a short review, but I just don’t have a lot to say except for ‘too bad’. I’ll certainly not watch it again voluntarily and neither should you really. Except if you’re one of those macho-man with the kind of humor that has women politely nodding and quickly moving on. Anyway let’s hope for better luck tomorrow!


Rating: 5,5/10

IMDB: 6,7/10

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