What’s with the violence?

Today’s film: ‘The Bounty Hunter’, a romantic action comedy.After writing my review yesterday I realized something. I have been watching a striking amount of action movies since I started this blog. Even though I always try to critique them in an honest, yet feminine way, it still hit me – I feel so clever right now 😉 – that probably more than half of the list I’ve seen so far are pretty damn violent. Why is that?

There’s 3 possible reasons:

  1. I was born with way too much testosterone in my body. As a child I was quite the tomboy when it came to playing soccer and digging in the dirt. But still this reason is quite unlikely, since I’m an absolute emotional wreck half of my life. Only just today for example, I was feeling so sorry for this woman sitting in a diner, eating by herself, until I realized I was there by myself as well. So in the end I just pitied for the both of us. And then I got my fries and forgot all about this weird experience.
  2. Maybe it’s just hot to see men fight. But immediately while writing that I realized, the fighting is only hot when it’s done out of love. To me the most romantic, heart-melting and even sometimes sexy fights are when you’ve got this guy who has no clue of what he’s doing, but still believes he has a chance. The more serious they are about it the cuter it gets. So this might be part of the reason, but still, I can figure out more romantic ways to my heart.
  3. So it must be this last reason: I’ve just got too many men in my life… It sounds so funny when I say this, ’cause I actually haven’t had a boyfriend in years. What I mean is that the ratio men: woman is not that well-balanced. Does it speak for itself when I say I have 1 sister and 4 brothers?

All this to make my excuse for today’s review credible: I was still at my guy-friend’s place and he got to choose again. At least today it did have some romance.

I say ‘some’ romance, ’cause honestly I don’t think it was as romantic as it could’ve been. There just wasn’t that much chemistry between Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t entirely their fault though. The plot had a lot to do with it. Even in the scenes where you kind of get into the ‘love’-mood, it just doesn’t quite get there. Everytime you think ‘oh that’s sweet’, some stupid plot twist tears them apart before anything even happened. And you know, for us romantic women to bite, you need to give us more than a vision of what should’ve been. If all those ‘almost, but not quite’-moments would’ve been spot on, than the romantic climax, which is actually a good scene, could’ve created a way bigger feeling for the viewer.

Now, in the description it also says comedy. I did have a couple of laughs, but again it just didn’t really reach up to its potential. The editing did help a lot in making it pleasant to watch, but the dialogues weren’t all that great to actually be perceived as funny enough to laugh out loud. And isn’t that what a good comedy should do at least once every scene?

I do think the story has a nice concept, it’s just a shame it misfired a little bit on the crucial moments of the story. It really could’ve been more spot on, but now it’s just another average pic for on a lazy sunday. So don’t hold back to watch it, ’cause it’s not horrible. Just, don’t expect too much.

Prepare yourselves for something totally different tomorrow! In the mean time please leave comments, requests or spelling corrections for me to read. See you!

Rating: 6,5/10

IMDB: 5,5/10

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