Holy mother of impersonations

Everyone who doesn’t live in the United States, will agree that lately we might as well do. Every time you switch on the TV or open a newspaper, there will be something about the American politics. Yesterday was another highlight with Donald Trump’s inauguration. So it felt like the perfect timing for me to watch today’s movie. No, it’s not ‘A clockwork orange’. Let’s keep it sweet and gentle: I’m talking about ‘Southside with you’. – Just making a joke by the way, I don’t want to start a political debate here.

For those of you who’ve never heard of this film, let me explain to you briefly. The story is based on Barack Obama and, at that time, Michelle Robinson having their first date. That’s right, we get to see a feature-length covering nothing more than their date. I must admit that this movie is kind of a rollercoaster-ride. After a couple of scenes it had me thinking: “Oh god, they will milk this story dry. They’ll want to stretch the period out too long, which will result in way too long and explicit dialogues.” At first I couldn’t stop worrying about how they should’ve showed so many things in a more creative way through actions or even simple body-language. But after a while I realized it doesn’t really matter. Even though it sometimes feels like they want to shove maybe too much information in it at once, it’s not that disturbing. ‘Cause wouldn’t you want to know all this information? It is a sort of miniature biography after all. But of course, seen purely from a creative perspective, I guess the film could’ve been more short and sweet overall.

Now, when I read this was based on the Obama’s, I must say I didn’t expect it to be this authentic. Of course I don’t know if this is precisely how the date went, but I can say it’s pretty freaky how much alike these actors are to the real deal. Especially Parker Sawyers who’s impersonating Barack. It just creeps me out how similar they look, but even how well Sawyers’s got the mimics and gestures down. I mean, even the way he bites his lip is spot on. I might sound like the creep now, but really, just go watch the movie and you’ll understand. He does it so well, that when Tika Sumpter plays Michelle, it’s almost disappointing her impersonation isn’t as perfect. And normally I would’ve said that her performance is extremely good, so just imagine what a hell of a job Sawyers did.

Besides the good acting and the interesting plot it’s also a surprisingly romantic pic. I mean, of course it’s going to be sweet when it’s about the Obama’s dating. But still I didn’t expect it would also focus on the romance as much as it did. Chocolate ice-cream will never be the same now. Too bad Obama doesn’t have a son. I’d know where to go on my next holiday.

Anyway, in short: a nice, sweet movie, but just not quite up to its potential. And since there’s a lot of information and hard words in there, it’s not exactly the kind of film to watch when you’re nearly KO in bed. Oh, and I almost forgot: what a great soundtrack! I kind of felt like I was in some sort of trance at the end.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

Rating: 7,5/10

IMDB: 6,6/10

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