Zimmer, who are you?

Hans Zimmer. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of him? Well on the odd chance you come from another planet: if you’ve seen at least a few decent movies in your life, you’ll surely have heard some of his work. When I learned about ‘Hans Zimmer Revealed: The Documentary’ I couldn’t wait to see how this legend composer goes to work and what motivates him. So today’s review is kind of different, but watching a documentary is actually nice for a change. Unfortunately, to be honest, this one didn’t exactly turn out to be what I expected. I did still enjoy watching it though.

I imagined it to be more of a biography about only Hans Zimmer, but really it’s just more of an observation of the weeks leading up to his concert at the Apollo Theater in London in 2014. It’s hard for me to review this, since of course, I didn’t inform myself enough before watching it. Which obviously lead to some disappointment.

Now, if I review this from the perspective of seeing how Zimmer and his friends take this journey towards the concert, I still have some mixed feelings. At some points it just feels like this is a 42 minutes list of rehearsal footage alternated by interviews of people praising Zimmer. At some points it’s kind of boring and hard to stay focused, but the weird thing is that at the same time it’s kind of intriguing. When it comes to the rehearsing for that matter. It is quite interesting to see in which environment and by what kind of people a huge concert like that is created. We always get to see the magic onstage, but this gives you a clear view on how humane this all is. Zimmer might as well be your annoying neighbor playing music all day, but who you can’t hate ’cause he’s really nice and the music is actually very good.

So in the end it is an enjoyable movie, but it’s not as great as the man himself. Sorry for the short review, but I’ve got tons of work to do today. I’ll see you again tomorrow!


Rating: 7/10

IMDB: 7,7/10

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