Victorious monday movie

What to do on a lazy monday? Only it was actually a really productive day. In a matter of fact, I’m rather proud of myself and my achievements. I had everything I wanted to do done before 14 o’clock. I think we can call that quite the victory. So what to do when you’re happy, it’s cold outside and you’ve got a stove burning heat like a cozy blanket? That’s right, kick off those shoes, lay back and watch a movie. ‘Larry Crowne’ to be exact. Why? I’ve seen it a long time ago and remembered it fail me. I didn’t remember the plot entirely, but I was right though, It didn’t let me down.

I’ve always been a fan of the roles Julia Roberts plays and as seen in my review on Cast Away Tom Hanks is a legend. So if you add those 2 together it is mathematically impossible to end up op with a bad pic. They’re not the best onscreen-couple I’ve seen, ’cause they lack a little chemistry if you ask me, but their acting is so damn good. They lift the plot of what would normally probably just be some lousy television film up to a good-quality RomCom. It doesn’t reach the heights of ‘Notting Hill’ or Bridget Jones’ by far, but it’s still one of those you wouldn’t mind seeing a few times.

It’s a simple, but authentic story. I mean, you do sometimes have those pics about students and teachers falling in love. But those are usually bad comedies, who aren’t that funny at all. Here the characters and the way they grow towards each other is much more subtle and elaborated. It’s very enjoyable to see. Of course ‘Larry Crowne’ is a romantic comedy, so it does also have the humorous part. But also on that part it’s not overdone at all. They perfectly balanced out the cynical humor of Mercedes’s character, with the situational humor of the entire film really.

Another thing that makes this pic just that bit better than your average RomCom are the dialogues. They are so clever and funny. And not only the words but also the body-language, which brings us back to the fact stated before. Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks are real good actors and so is Rami Malek for that matter. He has a small role, but does it really well.

So take my advise: watch it, don’t expect the biggest ‘wow’ or tear-jerking moments, but relax and you’ll enjoy. ‘Cause it’s well-worth watching.

See you!

Rating: 7,5/10

IMDB: 6,1/10

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