Definitely a drama

What’s your favorite movie? Personally I could never answer that question. There are these special ones though. The ones you could see over and over and still never get sick of. The ones that still get you laughing out loud, balling your eyes out or send shivers down your spine after watching it a hundred times. There’s a few I’ve reviewed on this blog already. From time to time however it’s also nice to take a plunge in the unknown and be surprised by stories you haven even read anything about. So that’s what I did yesterday. I took a dive and decided to watch ‘The Vow’, a film I realized I’ve seen a long time ago by suddenly recognizing the end. I’m happy I watched it again, ’cause I didn’t remember anything. – ;D-  So it felt like a first. And I liked it.

After watching a few scenes, I knew I should’ve gone to bed sooner the night before. I was too tired for this one. Not because it’s too hard to follow. No, ’cause it’s too easy to get your eyes wet. Movies with this kind of authentic romance always get me. And boy, it did, but not as much for the reason I expected at first.

More about that later, let’s get back to my initial thoughts. Besides the former I was also thinking: imagine Channing Tatum being Robert Downey Jr. or Colin firth – at a younger age of course. – After watching the ‘Iron man’- series and 2 out of 3 ‘Bridget Jones’-films, how heart-explodingly romantic would this be? Oh my god. And maybe not even them, but just not Channing Tatum. Not that he’s a bad actor at all and as the plot goes along you forget about it. But he’s being casted in so many romantic drama’s, it’s just starting to feel like a habit no matter how incredibly romantic the screenplay is. But if they would take this story and hand it to someone usually casted as the nearly romantic incompetent type, this could add to the ranking by at least a full point. ‘Cause who wouldn’t want to see those actors for once letting their guard down?

However Tatum still did a nice job and the movie is really enjoyable and credible. It does help knowing this is based on true facts. But I must say, not knowing what to expect as a viewer before pressing play, this pic does set you off on the wrong foot for a bit. It starts off so strong full of love and romance. But actually the romance doesn’t reach much further if you ask me, except for a peak here or there. To me this film was more drama than romance, ’cause it had me feeling sorry for this Leo all the time. It’s this pittying that almost had me crying, not the romance. After a while it actually only barely stays under the peak of ‘enough is enough’ with the sympathy. It even nearly scrapes the ‘pathetic’-surface you don’t want to reach in this kind of story.

So I feel kind of fooled by the cover and the introduction of the story. But don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad movie at all. It’s just not really what I expected.

Rating: 7,5/10

IMDB: 6,8/10

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