I can’t help myself

I guess the title and cover say it all :). I wanted to wait with this one a little longer, since it’s the last one in the series – for now, let’s hope. – But I had a 2 hour train ride ahead of me and I wasn’t feeling too happy. In that case there’s only one cure really: to feed my ‘Bridget Jones’ addiction. And today is time for the ‘Grand finale’: Bridget Jones’s Baby. Believe me, this series goes out with a blast! I’m so happy they made this one. It’s a never-ending source of laughter, but I’m also sad since this might literally be the last one in the series. Ever. 😦

Proof that this movie is really good: I am honestly debating on whether this is maybe even better than ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’. It’s definitely way funnier, if that was even possible. I mean, the first time I watched it, I felt like I couldn’t breath at moments. And even worse, my stomach hurt so much it felt like tearing apart. Renée Zellweger surely still knows her stuff. The reason I’m not sure though? I’m not convinced if it has enough one-on-one time with Mark and Bridget. But when it does… wow… that ’50-shades’-moment! – Real fans will know what I’m talking about.

Talking about that scene. What an impressive choice of the creators on how to keep up with these modern times filled with technology, but at the same time not becoming a slave to them and stay loyal to its roots. And not only in this part, they applied it to the whole feature. We still got the same old Bridget, but she’s now that much older and living in a ‘different’ world to which she adapts on her terms. I just love it. I mean, you nearly feel sorry for those hipsters, never thought I’d say that. Don’t get me wrong. I hold nothing against them, but some of them, not everyone, are just kind of … you know, exactly the way they’re depicted and actually ridiculed in this film.

The editing holds a great part in this. It’s done in such a clever way and yet recognizable from the first movie. You just feel that Sharon Maguire is back on this project. Another thing that seems to be back and wasn’t as strong in ‘The edge of reason’, is the soundtrack. Again it adds so much value.

As far as the story goes it’s nice having a new face pop up. It makes the Bridget/ Mark-connection even stronger if you ask me. It produces some kind of mysterious new factor contrasting against the feeling of coming home. Which delivers a hilarious, hopelessly romantic and even at some moments tragic entirety. There is one part however that seemed kind of lame in the story. – SPOILER ALERT – It’s just a detail, but Mark and Jack hugging it out in the end and getting along so well that quick is maybe just a little too cheesy.

Anyway, is it possible to fall in love with this series even more? Hell yes! Watch it and keep a paper bag with you, ’cause of the hyperventilating-hazard. It is damn funny.

Rating: 9/10

IMDB: 6,8/10

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