One word: ‘solid’

Since I didn’t want to ruin the pink bubble I was still enjoying from seeing ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’, I felt like it wouldn’t be smart for me to review another, possibly not as good, romantic movie today. So I chose the complete opposite and picked a film with absolutely no romance whatsoever. I watched ‘Escape from Alcatraz’, produced in 1979 when I was -14 years old. So it’s impossible to review it as if it would be in cinema’s right now, since it’s from a completely different decade. It’s not as fast and snappy as our eyes are used to. But I’ll try to convince you why it’s still a good pic to watch.

First of all, it might be a little slow, improbable at some times and directed in a bit of a predictable way, but it’s got one very important factor that wipes all of this nearly completely from the map. It’s intriguing. So even though quite often you’ll be thinking ‘Yeah, right, even my blind granny could see that coming’ or ‘Yeah, right, meeting the pope is more credible than for this to happen’, it doesn’t matter. There’s something about the story and Clint Eastwood’s acting that keeps your eyes on the screen. You just still want to know what happens next. This might also come from a personal aspect of mine though. I’m someone who often makes up these ‘disaster’-scenario’s in which I would have to try to find a solution. Now, prison is not exactly a disaster, – most of them actually deserve it – but in some way they’re also trying to find a solution. In this case: the way out.

Another important reason this is still a movie we should enjoy in these modern high-tech ages, is simply just because of its historic value. I mean, it’s the perfect example of how they used to make pics without all the technology. Having a solid storyline was the most important thing and filmmakers would build around that. Nowadays I feel like a lot of them forget the importance of a good plot.

Besides all of this, ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ is also based on a true story, so that’s always a bonus if you ask me. Learning a piece of the past through entertainment is just great. I really feel like I should go visit ‘The Rock’ now. Too bad my savings tell me to keep on dreaming for a while :p. Anyway, this film is definitely worth your time, especially if you know how to appreciate the older movies. See you soon!

Rating: 8/10

IMDB: 7,6/10

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