Incredible… I mean literally

Well, the staying away from romantic pics didn’t last long… Yesterday I went and had a ‘Ladies Night’ with my sister  and you know, she’s probably even worse than me when it comes to having all the feels. So with someone like that you’re not gonna go on and watch some action movie or historical drama. Haha, knowing my sister she’d be sound asleep after just 2 scenes of those. No, we had to watch ‘If I stay’. She’s moving to a new house soon and while packing boxes, she discovered this is one of the only dvd’s she hadn’t even unwrapped from its package yet. I remember having seen it before as a teenager and thought it was pretty good back then. I kind of wish I’d kept it with that one time, ’cause watching it as a  supposedly adult is just not as magical as I remember.

Somehow when I don’t enjoy a movie that much, I find it harder to bring up the motivation to write a review. I guess it’s just more fun to write about something you like. But in this case it’s actually not that bad to write a critique, ’cause it is extremely obvious what is wrong here. It’s just not credible in so many ways. First of all: the casting. In fact it was my sister who kept wondering out loud how old these kids are. She got really frustrated and righteously so. This girl looks like a 15-year-old at the most and Adam seems a little older, but still young enough to be in high school. The problems they are dealing with just don’t match with the way they look. Seriously, they look like ‘babies’ and are getting ready for college. It kind of makes this film look cheap and even fake. As if some teenager is just a wannabe grown-up already dealing with things she shouldn’t.

And then there’s also this kind of ‘waiting room’ the filmmakers tried to create for Mia in which a comatose patient decides to live or die. From the start there’s something missing And because it’s so obvious, it kept on bothering me throughout the whole feature. She just seems to go along with everything. – SPOILER ALERT – I mean, if you hear you’re father died, wouldn’t you try to go see him? Or if you want to get close to someone, wouldn’t you at least just try to open the door? It seems so simple, but the fact that she doesn’t even try once is just a bit odd, especially since she doesn’t immediately comprehend that she’s not visible for others.

And still, even though I didn’t like this pic that much, it got my eyes wet. There’s an emotional grandpa and those who are following me, know hat they do to me. I just can not handle old men crying. I can’t. And I learned yesterday that my sister is even worse. She was sobbing, haha.

So lets conclude that the concept is really nice, and I do think the storyline in general is rather good. But they just seem to have made some poor decisions which take down a lot of the movie’s value. I feel like there was a lot more potential to it. So if you’re a teenager you’ll most likely still enjoy this. – Proven by these stats I found on how the IMDB-users voted. –  As an adult you might still like it, but it will certainly not be your best cinematic experience.


Rating: 6,5/10

IMDB: 6,8/10

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