Awkward but pretty damn funny

From one age to another. I felt after seeing that teenage-drama the day before yesterday that I had to compensate. Haha and boy did I do so. Not only is ‘Hope Springs’ situated in a totally different age-category. It’s also just way better. I’m happy I stayed up late that day to get my movie-‘zen’ back in balance :). In one sentence: this film is hilariously awkward, but oh so sweet at the same time and performed by a top-notch cast.

Let’s start with the cast: just perfect. I was worried about having Steve Carell in this. I don’t usually  like to see him play that much, ’cause he tends to quickly go over the top if you ask me. But he does a good job at keeping his character rather low-key this time. Anyway, when it comes to Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones though … wow. What a great chemistry between them while playing a couple who actually seem to have lost all chemistry. And their acting is so credible as well. I mean, I’m not old enough to relate to these kind of situations, but I feel intrigued and am full of compassion when watching them. That must proof they’re doing something right. Streep knows how give a performance in which she really puts herself out there. She finds the perfect balance in how to come over as someone who is extremely fragile, but at the same time finding her self-confidence. With Tommy Lee Jones it’s the opposite. He has to act as this tough grumpy man who slowly let’s down his guard and becomes equally as fragile as his wife by the end and he does it so well.

But besides from the cast, it’s also a nice story which doesn’t leave you bored at any moment. There’s this perfect balance in drama, romance and comedy. They really go hand in hand. Sometimes for example, there’s these moments during the film that are so sad and awkward that in matter of fact it’s also freaking hilarious. At times I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. The whole feature is just one complex rollercoaster ride of feelings. There’s one scene where I actually accomplished to sound like a donkey giving birth. I didn’t want anyone to wake up – we have thin walls – so I hid my mouth in my covers, but still wanted to breath, while laughing hysterically. – Maybe things like this are the reasons I’m still single. I’m just weird, but at least I’m aware of it right? :p

The whole time watching this, I kept wondering: “what can I possibly say ‘bad’ about this?”. But then the ending came, and it’s not horrible. But I just feel like it could’ve been better in some way. Maybe there should’ve been just a tiny bit more drama or conflict, or maybe it’s something completely different? It’s really not all that bad now, but somehow it feels like this isn’t the best possible option to go for.

So with hardly anything bad to say about this pic, there’s only one option for you. Just go and watch it already. You won’t regret it. Don’t trust the IMDB-rating here by the way. I really feel like they underestimate it.

PS: I think those stats yesterday were pretty interesting, so I’ll try to add them everytime. That way you can see how most of your peers voted.

Rating: 8/10

IMDB: 6,3/10

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