I’ll pass on the section 8, thank you

Time for me to make an impossible effort in showing you that I’m more than just a hopeless romantic. You might not believe so after my choice in movies this month, – even though, in my defense, the worst one’s were chosen by guy-friends or my brother – but I’ve actually got quite the interest for culture and history. So yesterday I decided to watch an all-time classic: ‘Full metal jacket’. I’ve seen this a few times as a child and young teenager. I used to secretly put them on when my parents were out the house. This time however, for the first time I actually understood what this story is about. It still took me until halfway the pic, but I got it and I’m glad I finally did.

As I always say with all the other older films I’ve reviewed, there’s no point in comparing  technical aspects with recent movies. But I still feel the need tot say though that I rather enjoyed the directing in this case. Mostly with these ‘ancient’ features you need to try to look past the slow and sometimes too predictable editing which usually already originates from the directing part. This time however it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I rather enjoyed it. I guess there’s a reason for Stanley Kubrick being an established name in the filming world.

When it comes to the storyline though, at first I was so confused. I was really appreciating the boot camp part and felt like this was all gonna be about private Pyle. But then it has this abrupt ending to it and my first thought was: “What the heck, then what is this gonna be about? Does it even have a story?”. I soon realized the whole thing was in fact based around Matthew Modine as ‘Joker’, but still I wasn’t sure what the actual storyline was about. It took me until the very last shot, in which you’re given some time to think, to completely understand that ‘Full metal jacket’ isn’t about some thrill-seeking plot at all. I mean, even the characters don’t matter, in the sense of what their name and specific background is. They matter as a subject. A subject to this crazy Vietnam war, that could put anyone into ‘Section 8’ at any given time. The whole feature is a portrait really, showing the dehumanizing process and the abundant presence of it in this part of history. I’m glad I didn’t try to figure out the story before seeing it. There’s something satisfying about reaching this point where it all comes together and you get this ‘aha’-moment.

Of course you shouldn’t only watch it for that though, but also for the actual content and great depicting of what wartime is really like. Indeed, that’s easy for me to say, sitting here safely in my room, right? I guess what I’m trying to point out is that there’s something very credible and humane about this. And you should just see it for yourself.

PS: I’ve made it a month in this daily challenge!! Hooray for me! I’m rather proud of myself to be honest 🙂 It hasn’t always been easy to watch and review a movie every single day in combination with my school work. But I’ve made it this far. Let’s keep going! Please let me know if you have any requests for this month. I’d love to know what kind of films you’re into.

schermafbeelding-2017-02-01-om-13-22-51Rating: 8/10

IMDB: 8,3/10

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