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Okay, here we go. I have to start by being honest. I’ve seen ‘Before Sunrise’ the day before yesterday and even though it hasn’t really been that long, it does get harder by the hour to write a review. Because especially with me, a semi-zombie on a good day, everything kind of gets blurry in my memory after a while. Not that I totally forget, but I quickly leave out details that would usually interest me enough to write down. Anyway, I’ll try my best:). ‘Cause I’m damn happy I found out about this film and especially about it being part of a trilogy. I was actually about to start its sequel, when I felt this inexplicable urge towards the comment section and read about it.

I must admit I wasn’t too sure at the beginning of the whole thing. There’s just so much dialogue and fancy talk. But right when you’re thinking: “Here we go, this is way too philosophic for me”, the characters show this really down to earth and even in some way geeky side. Eventually it even gets to this realistic awkward feeling like with any couple flirting on a first date. After a while of course the awkwardness goes away and only peekaboos a few time through Jesse’s insecurity, but the realistic vibe stays throughout the entire feature. And it’s so damn romantic, because of that authenticity. It’s funny how the enlarged amorous dream of meeting a stranger and spending the night together in this way is exactly the opposite of the kind of ‘romance’ these 2 are actually dealing with.

The thing that’s not so credible though is how on earth they did that much stuff in one night. And even if it is possible, is there actually that many people on the streets throughout the night? And why eat so much? Not that I’d mind, but for normal people who don’t have a horse’s stomach like me, this is a lot.

Anyway, let’s talk about the acting. If you ask me, this couldn’t have been casted any better. Two good-looking, yet not overwhelmingly hot people is just what viewers want in order to relate to something. It kind of seems like the chances of this happening to you are slimmer. Not that I’m saying most people are not beautiful, I think it’s got everything to do with self-confidence really. But you know, aside from looks, they also put down an amazing performance. I don’t know why, but I didn’t use to like watching Ethan Hawke all that much. But since ‘Boyhood’ and now this, I’ll probably review my judgement. I’m so impressed I feel like I’d actually love to be his friend in real life or at least go on a night out to a bar. I know he’s only playing a role, but would you be able to act like this if you’re not at least a little friendly? And if not for that, then for his looks – at that age though ;).


I do have one thing to add: if you didn’t know it’s  part of a trilogy, the ending is just bone-dry lame. I’m not saying they should stay together or exchange contacts, but it just seem to finish so sudden. Not that I didn’t know this would happen, but it’s all so brief at the end. But then again it does match the rest of the movie: don’t blow-up the romance. Keep it small, but real.

Briefly, it does have a lot of talking, but you should still at least give it a try if you ask me!

schermafbeelding-2017-02-02-om-23-00-57Rating: 8/10

IMDB: 8,1/10

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