The answer to the first question is simple: a 23 year old female student.

The answer to the second question is simple: a year long ‘pop-up blog’ in the form of a daily calendar.

The answer to the third question is … interesting.

For many years now I’ve been wanting to do something with my spare time, other than slacking. The problem being that I never got an idea for something that would interest me enough to keep to the challenge. I’ve always been curious about blogging, but never knew what would make people want to keep coming back for more. Until not long ago I realized that in the first place, since this is a challenge to myself, the most important thing is what would keep me coming back again and again.

So with that in mind, it was actually quite easy: I love movies and I love to criticize (not out loud of course). So there’s only one thing to do really: review films. There is one slight problem though. To be honest, although I like to watch a lot of different genres, I am the most girly moviewatcher on earth. From being a hopeless romantic to crying like a baby when something slightly dramatic happens, I feel all the feels. So, I don’t know if my reviews will be a good guideline, but at least they’ll be simple, honest and straightforward. I hope you can enjoy them and at the very least get a good laugh out of them.

P.S. Please forgive me for possible grammatical or spelling mistakes, as English is not my mother tongue.